In Celebration donations are a great way to commemorate a special occasion in your life. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, graduation, wedding or any event worth celebrating — raising money for medical research in lieu of gifts can add a deeper meaning to your special day.

Start an online fundraising page

Celebrate your special event with a personalised fundraising page. You can upload your own text and images, receive emails when donations are received, and send thank you's to friends and family.

Collect donations at your special event

If you’d like to arrange donations to Garvan in celebration of a special event, we can provide you with personalised donation envelopes. To order, contact us using the details below. Your family and friends can mail the envelopes directly to us or you can collect and return them to us.

Make a donation in lieu of gifts

Donations in lieu of gifts are a memorable way to celebrate your special event, and you’ll be making a difference in the search for better treatments and cures.